Skylight Villa Privé 天籁

Skylight 天籁 度假别墅是一处精致的院落,依山面水,隐在双廊清幽闲适的古街,将岁月的沉淀与心神的静霭注入其中,营造出一份匠心独具的清雅空间,让您与苍山洱海静心独处。在喧嚣外的安宁之地,真切体味大理古国的沧桑,享受天籁。

Embraced by the Erhai Lake while overlooking Mount Cang on the other side of the lake, Skylight Villa Privé is an exquisite villa that features its vicinity to natural landscape and its relaxed ambience created by the town’s prevailing peacefulness. Known for its soothing atmosphere and cultural heritages, the town, Shuang Lang in Yun Nan Province offers visitors a unique tranquility perfect for a restful vacation getaway. Aligned with the town’s peaceful style, the Skylight Villa Privé creates an ideal space to set you free from the hustle and bustle of the urban life, and immerse yourself in the sceneries and local cultures of the ancient city of Dali.